Publications and Trips: Ubicomp (China) + UIST (Santa Barbara)

The last week I received the notification of acceptance for the two papers we worked on so hard in the spring. The first one was submitted to Ubicomp and it’s about the Rabbit a fantastic project where I have been doing hardware, software, interaction techniques, UI design, etc. In this paper I collaborated with Aurelien Tabard and Jakob Bardram, and it’s actually part of a bigger project we’ve been working on for a while called the eLabBench (more on this later).

The second paper was submitted to UIST and it’s about the design space for availability sharing systems. These are a particular kind of awareness systems focused on sharing availability information of a user. The paper also proposes a system called InterruptMe that, based on the design space, proposes new ways to build such systems that is unique from previous attempts. In this paper I collaborated with Steven Voida and Gloria Mark, and we are working very hard to get other pieces of this research completed (surveys, evaluation, etc).

The two papers received very good reviews, and we are trying to bring the demos to the conferences. I will be making them available once I have the camera-ready version of both.

The other good part of having the papers accepted is that I will get to go to China and Santa Barbara, both of which I have never visited. And to top it all I will be an SV, at least for Ubicomp! These is loads of good news!



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