Sharing availability information has been a long-standing goal in collaboration and workplace awareness systems. InterruptMe is yet another project aimed at providing users with an awareness of a colleague’s availability, but with an embedded series of critiques to existing systems. InterruptMe provides medium and person-tailored availability, implements an asymmetric-traceable approach, and delivers information by means of implicit interaction. InterruptMe uses a set of sensors to capture availability information and support the triggers for implicit interaction.

We have finished implementing a first version of InterruptMe (system paper submitted for review at UIST 2011) and are expecting for a NSF grant to carry out a longitudinal evaluation of the system. Calculating and sharing availability is a truly challenging problem, and we expect to move this project forward with an only-mobile implementation.


  • UIST 2011 – [pdf (1.7MB)]
  • Demo Ubicomp 2011 – [pdf (1MB)]
  • Collaborators

  • Stephen Voida – University of California, Irvine
  • Gloria Mark – University of California, Irvine
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