Memorias Colombianas – Colombian Memories

There we go again, and this time I am writing out to invite you to come and see the brilliant exposition “Memorias Colombianas” (Colombian Memories). There we will find great photographies taken in one of the poorest regions of our country: El Valle, Choco.

The pictures you see were taken by my good friend Katherine Vasquez! You can find more of her work from her blog Miradas Pacificas (Peaceful Look).

As we are slowly coming out of the dark days of violence that stained our land for the last 40 years, it’s necessary to focus on the needed, on the otherwise hopeless people that still have the will to make it to a better life. I guess the aim of this exposition is to create awareness that though the violence is coming to an end the people remain poor, and thus, motivate each one of us to give a hand and help them out so they can build a better future for themselves.



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