How to become a Web 2.0 Developer – Part 1

Hello All,

Though I have never written in my blog about web development, that’s one of my strongest skills. And now that I am back to lead Web development projects I have been faced with the reality of the poor preparation of the normal developer, therefore I prepared this set of email for a friend that aim to bring him on the right track of web development.

The first of my request for him is to read about the internet all over again and remember what all these things mean: telnet, ftp, ssh, http, gopher, IRC and usenet.

Second, is to identify the evolution of the web from its origins to its current state and the probable futures. A good place to get a grasp of what I mean is here.

Third and as the technical theory and practice for this first part will be working with the basic technologies of the Web 2.0: HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

To begin with, the central reference: (, this website is a must for any doubt about any of those three technologies.

And now, a series of exercises selected from the tons of irrelevant articles out there:
1- Read
2- Follow the exercise presented at
3- Based on the previous exercise and the reading in point 1, make a different CSS for the page where the menu appears on top and each time a menu item is hovered with the mouse its backgroud color should change.
4- Follow the JavaScript tutorial 1 by Thau!
5- Follow the JavaScript tutorial 2 by Thau!

After performing all this tasks we can start talking about a first level in web development!!!!

Hej Hej


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