TOKI Toolkit

TOKI is a do-it-yourself guide and API to support the rapid prototyping of tangibles. The toolkit provides support for two common requirements for tangibles: capture of touch input by an user and communication of such input to a computer. At the core of the toolkit lays the capacitive surface and communication capabilities of a Microsoft TouchMouse, both of which are appropriated to ful ll the mentined requirements. Unlike existing approaches for rapid prototyping of tangibles like the Arduino boards, using the Toki toolkit does not require developers/designers to program a chipset, con figure wireless interfaces, and de ne and implement communication protocols. The do-it-yourself guide illustrates how to create a cover for the mouse required to re-use its capabilities. The API o ers a set of services to develop computer applications that interface with the tangible.

In this video we show the low level details for appropriating a capacity mouse for creating tangibles.


  • DHRS2011 – [pdf (6.34MB)]
  • Collaborators

  • Morten Esbensen – IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Magdalena Kogutowska – IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
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