CrashAlert – Reactions from Around the Web

Ever since CrashAlert got covered by Rachel Metz the MIT Technology Review last week (see Safe Texting While Walking? Soon, There May Be an App for That) there has been a series of reactions on the social media. Well, negative reactions are included in the article itself with Prof. Clifford Nass describing it as “the epitome of removal from both the physical and social world.”

I don’t see CrashAlert as the best of my ideas or the ultimate solution to the texting and walking problem, but it’s certainly a solution to a real problem that we encounter everyday (if you ever bumped into something or someone while engaged in fun texting you know what I am talking about). Nonetheless, in this post I would like to collect the most interesting Twitter messages, both positive and negative, for posterity.

I personally LOVE this one 🙂


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