2009 Early Goals Reached

Hello All,

OK, I know I have been pretty quite lately with this blog, but today I will tell you what has been keeping me busy. First of all: University. I have just been notified that my PhD work has been accepted for the Doctoral Colloquium at Pervasive 2009 in Nara, Japan. You can just imagine how badly happy I am about this good news: first, because it shows that there might be someone actually interested in all the things I am doing; second, because I will fulfil another one of my childhood dreams, namely, to visit Japan. That’s gonna be so cool. By the way, my PhD research is about bringing a lot of elements from the Pervasive Computing field into the molecular biology lab. I would be very happy if you take a look at the submitted paper for the conference and let me know what you think. Download Here >>

The second thing keeping me busy is, once again, all those thoughts about politics, economics, developments, etc. So I decided to write an article and submitted it for the Saint Gallen Symposium 2009, in Saint Gallen, Switzerland (I already applied and made it to Saint Gallen 2006). The outcome is that this year I will also be invited to Saint Gallen as a participant. That’s definitely a cool experience, with all the putsch it can be. Please take a look at my contribution, it’s a good piece of state-of-the-art development policy. Download Here >>.

Last, and maybe least, is that my two good friends Andres Castaño and Juan David Gonzalez, and me, are launching a new blog in Spanish called called “Al Dia Movilhttp://blog.aldiamovil.com/ about mobile technologies. It’s not aimed at the tech-savvy but rather to entrepreneurs and business decision makers. I hope all of you that can read Spanish sign up for the feed.

OK, that’s it for now. Any questions? Let me know!


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