Related Work on Paper Interfaces and Laboratory Notebooks

Hello All,

Today I am publishing my document on related work on paper interfaces and laboratory notebooks. The intention of this document is to make a stop to my reading in the subject and write down what I have learnt. This is in no way a scientific production and should be seen as a registry of projects and a quick source of information on the field.

The laboratory notebook is a very important tool in the development of science. However it is still a piece of paper and doesn’t take advantage of the many technology developments available today. This situation makes it tedious for the researcher to take the info out of the notebook, to share it with other colleagues and to integrate it with the ever increasing digital information. This document introduces the laboratory notebook, and presents some of the existing research projects that try to enhance or even change completely the notebook’s nature.

The contents of this document are organized as follows: first, the document introduces the notions of laboratory notebook and electronic laboratory notebook. Second, some of the research projects are introduced by classifying them according to their physical/digital characteristics and their degree of specialization. Third, each project is presented in detail. Finally, an appendix section is added with some
context information.

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Juan David Hincapie Ramos


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