P2P Game Network Framework in SourceForge

In october last year, when I was about to finish my thesis I announced that it would be made available as an Open Source project. Last week I wrote in this blog that I had started to work on a SourceForge account.

For those of you that have no idea on what I am talking about, I have developed a communications and context framework for developing multiplayer games on mobile devices. There is a general design that can be implemented in any platform (composed by classes and protocols) and a J2ME/Bluetooth implementation of it!

Today, we finally have the project (implementation) up and running on the SourceForge site:

I uploaded the binaries as well as the source code both for the framework and an example game, I also posted some screenshots of the running example, but I haven’t got much time to develop the website. The next steps to get this project completely available to everybody are:
– Web Page – Visit
– CVS – For the source code
– Translate WhitePapers
– Translate Article
– Translate Presentation
– Translate Webcasts
– Upload some of the posts in this blog to the SourceForge documentation.

To download the framework click here.

Now, make me a favor, enjoy the framework, spread the word and give me feedback on
everything that you would like to see in it!

Hej Hej


4 thoughts on “P2P Game Network Framework in SourceForge

  1. Hi there, i saw this project on SourceForge and i have a question:Does this framework allow more than 8 devices to play together at the same time?Thanks for the help ;D

  2. Hello Ricard, I have not been working on the framework or J2ME lately so I don't know. At the time the Bluetooth specification for J2ME had a top of 8 devices, but in reality each manufacturer (BT interface) supported as many connection as it wanted. Sometimes as few as just 1 at a time.Regards, Juan David

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