Mobile P2P Game

Hello People,

DISCLAIMER: I have been trying to find a focus for this blog, and I have been carefully studying the statistics of visitors and specifically checking out what the people are looking at. So far, the topic of P2P Game development is leading the way (close behind is politics). Thus this post tries to give some candy in the field. Please let me know if it’s what you really like.

Building P2P multiplayer mobile games can be a nasty challenge if you don’t have a right tools. You have to worry about finding other peer (discovery, negotiating, authentication, authorization, etc), stabilizing the channels, routing messages, reliance, etc. And, why to bother about all those things when you just want to develop your Rock, Paper, Scissors game?

That’s when using a P2P Game Framework can help! And that’s what we have develop!

This game was developed using the P2P Network Framework J2me/BT. It’s a framework specially designed and built for making the creation of P2P multiplayer games easy and very functional. You can find the framework’s specification here(Spanish), and if you are interested in using it please contact me! For running this game I recommend using carbidej-1.5 and the Nokia Connectivity Framework.

PD: There is not an English version of the specification, however it will be translated on request!
PD2: You can see some videos in Spanish of this game working.
PD3: Do you want some more of this type of posts? Please let me know!

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