Asynchronic Model & Security

It’s been many weeks working on my thesis and as I see the deadline approaching there are still many things left, many things that I, as a developer using the framework would like to have. Among most important thing is the completely asynchronous approach to the message passing mechanisms and the improvement of the security measures. Also it’s very urgent to have it tested extensively focusing on the session recovery scenarios.

It’s being very frustrating to have a partner that has not the same commitment to the project as I have. Also the implementation of the framework on the .NET platform should be left for a forthcoming project due the time limitation and the tricky things that are still to figure out that may involve the general design.

I would like to bound the scope of the thesis to what’s currently designed and almost fully developed. The synchronous model, the security improvements, the extensive testing and everything required for the .NET implementation should be put out of scope. However I plan to continue the project as an open source project, to take the time to compare to some other P2P approaches (like the one in WCF), to redesign the j2me/BT implementation, develop it and have some running games on it. Then, maybe at the same time, work on the .NET implementation.

Let’s see if I can talk my adviser into doing this, the work done until now is more than enough for my thesis.



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